Dogs & Polka Dots Backpack

It's that time of year to be thinking ahead especially if you want a bespoke Christmas gift.  I've got the ideal gift for all the dog lovers out there and it's fun and sophisticated at the same time (well I think so).  You can find my drawstring bag on Redbubble.  And if you like the idea of a backpack as a gift, here's the top 10 best women's backpacks to consider. Happy shopping!

Greek Summer Throw Cushion

Throw Pillow : Greek Summer
I love the colours of Autumn but I think I'm a summer girl at heart.  Probably the long light days and getting up very early to sunlight.  The studio is so much better with natural light to work in.  When I painted my Greek Summer pattern I obviously had that season in my mind even using blues as the main colour and it's available in many forms on Redbubble.  What's you favourite season? Here's 14 reasons to enjoy summer

Maria Berrio

Maria Berrio - Dream Gardens
Fresh finds for a new year and I stumbled across Maria Berrio's collage art just the other day. Maria was born in Colombia and now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Love her collision of pattern and colour - I'm inspired to get back in to my studio.

Strawberry Pattern in Grey

Decided to try my strawberry pattern in soft greys with touches of aqua. Still deciding ..........

Vintage Strawberry Pattern

Vintage Strawberry Pattern
Lovely surprise from my daughter! She turned up with my original gouache painted strawberries as wrapping paper for me and I love the way it shows the painting quality of my very vintage piece of work. So long ago!