4 January 2017

Maria Berrio

Maria Berrio - Dream Gardens
Fresh finds for a new year and I stumbled across Maria Berrio's collage art just the other day. Maria was born in Colombia and now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Love her collision of pattern and colour - I'm inspired to get back in to my studio.

28 October 2016

Strawberry Pattern in Grey

Decided to try my strawberry pattern in soft greys with touches of aqua. Still deciding ..........

14 August 2016

Vintage Strawberry Pattern

Vintage Strawberry Pattern
Lovely surprise from my daughter! She turned up with my original gouache painted strawberries as wrapping paper for me and I love the way it shows the painting quality of my very vintage piece of work. So long ago!

14 July 2016

Paris : City of Love

Paris City of Love Poster

Suddenly something becomes really popular like my Paris poster on zazzle and I don't know why. It's lovely to see people wanting to buy it and I just wonder if it's been highlighted somewhere. Must see if I can find out.

12 July 2016


A much calmer geometric creation in soft muted colours.  It's simply called 'geometric squares' and is the last in the series heading to 'zazzle'